WINDFALL / Arkansas Repertory Theater, in partnership with John Yonover /  Directed by Jason Alexander. June 7 – June 26, 2016.


2010 DRAWING STRAWS / Jam Theatricals / Los Angeles, New York / Bryan Cranston, Robin Dearden, Sean Wing – Directed by Sam Anderson

2011 ONE NIGHT STANDOFF / Los Angeles / Constance Zimmer, Chet Grissom

2011 ONE NIGHT STANDOFF / New York / Cady Huffman, Jerry O’Connell

2012 WINDFALL / Los Angeles / Jack Coleman, Anna Vocino, MeKenna Melvin, Kim Shaw, Vince Grant, Sean Wing

2012 WINDFALL / Jack Coleman, Nancy Travis, Jennifer Morrison, Nate Corddry, Mia Barron, Fran Kranz – Directed by Jason Alexander

2013 HEEL / Nancy Travis, Katherine LaNasa, Chet Grissom, Gwen Van Dam – Directed by David Fofi

2014 MID CENTURY MODERN / Gale Harold, Diane Farr, Spencer Grammer, Tom Musgrave, Stephanie Erb / Songs performed by Josh Elson – Directed by Andre Barron

2016 THE COCKTAIL PARTY EFFECT / New York / Faith Prince, Stephanie J. Block, Arnie Burton, Aaron Krohn, Keira Naughton, Peter Rini


DEE SNIDER’S ROCK AND ROLL CHRISTMAS TALE / Broadway Playhouse / Revonoy Productions / Chicago 2014

DEE SNIDER’S ROCK AND ROLL CHRISTMAS TALE / Winter Garden Theater / Revonoy Productions / Toronto 2015

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