H.E. Pietsch

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This CD of concert music I put out under my given name, H.E. Pietsch. Since then, I’ve discovered that some people around the world, who want to perform the pieces, have had trouble finding me and the music. My apologies for that; it surely was not intentional. The American premiere of these pieces was in Los Angeles in 2005. The European premiere of Refelts dans la Sainte Chapelle was in Tilburg, The Netherlands in 2013. For information on part rentals, please email us. We do hope to get all scores and parts to these pieces and many more posted on the site soon!



Here is the score to my 17 minute tone poem Reflets dans la Sainte Chapelle. To Download this PDF file, click on download icon (3rd from right) below. Then in the new window there will be a floating series of icons towards the bottom of your screen, one of which is for downloading the file.

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To listen to Reflets dans la Sainte Chapelle, here is a youtube video I posted with pictures I took when I was there.

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