Retro Metro

Retro Metro Gauguin Women CoverRetro Metro Undeniable



“GAUGUIN WOMEN” is the first Retro Metro record. Sid and Bobbi Page and I met on the many recording sessions we had worked on here in LA and became close friends. I had a creative urge to write some songs in French and I knew Bobbi would sound amazing on them. When we added Sid’s virtuosic violin on the top, we knew we had something we really loved. A few years later, we decided to do it again and created the record “UNDENIABLE.” I took a slightly more “pop” approach to the songwriting and this time around did not make Bobbi sing any songs in French. So many great players took part in the making of these 2 CDs: Nick Brown, Ed Martel, Don Markese, the late Frank Marocco and MB Gordy. I dream of writing another record for us to record one day.




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