Scooter Songs Book 1

Here is a collection of 16 songs I have written over the years – reimagined, rearranged and re-recorded in a piano/vocal style. Perfect for showcases, cabaret shows, clubs, bars, auditions. Or you could just listen to them and enjoy them the old fashioned way. Sheet music for the songs is also below in a pdf booklet. Requests for the sheet music in other keys is easy – just email me and let me what key you’d like the song in and we’ll get it out to you.

To download  an MP3 of any of the songs, click on the “Download” word to the right of the song title. A new page will open in your Browser with a Quicktime player and the song. To download the mp3, put your mouse cursor over the player and hold the Control button down and click on the player. You will be given a few choices. Click on “Download Video.” Even though you are not downloading a video that is what it is called in Quicktime. In a few seconds (depending on your internet speed) the mp3 will appear in the downloads folder of your Browser. Double clicking on the mp3 in the downloads folder will open iTunes and add it to your library.

Click the link in blue below to view the sheet music in your browser.

Scooter Songs Book 1

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