Many of these songs on this page were co-written with various other songwriters including but not limited to: Jessica New, Dannielle DeAndrea, Lorraine Feather, Richard Kaufman and George Maloian.

Some history on the songs above…

Looking For That Rush is a song I wrote in 2014 for a play of mine called Mid Century Modern. Josh Elson sings it beautifully here with guitar accompaniment by Nick Brown.

Oye Como Va – a classic by Carlos Santana. This arrangement also comes from All American Girl. Rap is by Vandal. Background vocals including the Latina voice, Jessica New.

Passionate is a re-record in a cabaret style of a song I wrote for the group Retro Metro. Dannielle DeAndrea sings it here with piano by Ed Martel.

Do Your Own Thang is the theme to The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency TV show that aired on Oxygen. The song became fairly popular on the club scene – many remixes were done by the likes of DJs Tony Moran, Peter Tanico etc. Amazing vocals by Jessica New and Erica Green. Erica worked at the network at the time and is now a successful writer in Hollywood.

Be Your Own Dog – from the animated tv series All Dogs Go To Heaven. Lorraine Feather and I wrote this song. The incredible Disney singer Andrea Robinson is on this demo of it. Sheena Easton sang the vocal for the version that appears in the TV show. I remember Penny Watson sang backups along with I’m guessing, Bobbi Page, and someone else! Here’s the original segment from the show with Sheena Easton singing.

Who Needs Enemies When I Got Family? – This is a demo of a theme I wrote for the sitcom “Twins” – in 2005. the show starred Sara Gilbert, Mark Linn Baker and Melanie Griffith. Obviously I didn’t get the job since they chose to license the song Sister Sister by OK Go. Alas, life in Hollywood as a composer for hire. That’s me singing. It never would have been a final vocal if it had been chosen – I usually sing the demoes – for better or worse – because these things are always in a time crunch.

Disco Inferno – original by The Trammps. This one from the ABC show All American Girl featuring Gif Majorz and Canella Cox. I love doing rearrangements of songs!

Leo, The King Of The Lot – this is a song I wrote with lyricist Lorraine Feather for an MGM animated project. Our song wasn’t chosen but I still love it. The show was about Leo (the lion mascot of MGM) and his family. Norman Large sang the part of Leo. I believe Bobbi Page did all the kids’ and wife’s vocals.

Hill Of White Sand – I wrote song as well for the group Retro Metro. Here it is “cabaret” style. I’m re-recoridng lots of old songs in the cabaret style, prepping myself for writing my first musical. Featuring Dannielle DeAndrea and Ed Martel.

Take The Easy Way Out – another song from the MGM TV series All Dogs Go To Heaven. Lorraine Feather as lyricist and a damn clever one at that. This song has a third writer, Richard Kaufman – who is now one of the busiest conductors around. Take The Easy Way Out was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1998. I believe this vocal is by Andrea Robinson as well. The final for the TV show was sung by Bebe Neuwirth.

Business In The Daylight – I’m guessing this is from the early 2000’s. Perhaps me trying to be a bit like Moby. I have no idea where I got the vocal sample. In fact, I have no idea if she is actually saying “Business In The Daylight.” Tons of uncleared samples appear in the song. Here come the lawyers!

Crazy – original by Seal. This one features a great singer in town named Ken Stacey. We recorded it for an ABC pilot called “Grace.” Guess who one of the Executive Producers was? Carrie Ann Inaba. Carrie Ann brought me on for this really great pilot that wasn’t picked up and I did maybe 20 song arrangements for it. It was one of the best musical experiences of my life. Mia Michaels was the choreographer. I wish everyone could see the dance numbers we all worked on. They were amazing. I’ve got many more tracks from this show and will post them as I find time!

Bonus Video Only: Here’s a rare Scooter track from an album of instrumentals called “Romance For Piano” put out by Narada Records. Sid Page is playing violin and I’m playing piano. I can’t remember who engineered it but I believe we recorded it at Pacifique Studios in North Hollywood.




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