Untethered Cover largeMy novel from 2008. Click the link below or order the book from Amazon Kindle for $1.99. Amazon Kindle link here.


John Fitzgerald McKnight, born the day JFK was assassinated, is a highly educated composer with a charming arrogance and a love of women. He meets optimistic Elizabeth, a sexy entertainment attorney climbing the ladder of success. She’s the girl of his dreams, but John can’t stop himself from ruining the relationship with his own destructive self-loathing, the aftermath of which lands him holed up in his Van Nuys apartment for a year, never leaving. Wisely, John spends this quality alone time plunging to harrowing depths of despair, selling off his prized belongings to the Chinese food delivery guy, discovering a taste for mustard, caper and Cocoa Puff sandwiches, and listening to the music that has made him who he is. Alternately hilarious and heartfelt, Untethered is an affecting look into the strings that hold us together and the consequences when they’re broken, leaving us alone, wandering the universe.  




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